Lose yourself in Kanazawa
A castle town honed with time & one of the Cultural Capitals in Japan

We have created and designed this hotel based on the theme, "Taisho Roman". It is what you describe the atmosphere that was present during the Taisho Era, where Japanese society began to dream of the Belle Époque period filled new ideals, beliefs and liberalism. Such incorporation bought life to a new cultural phenomenon filled with beauty, nostalgia and democracy.



We offer you a space of natural Hydrogen Carbonate hot-spring drawn deep from underground. Experience a time of healing and ease your mind as you are filled with soft aromas of our Onsen.



Based on the "Taisho Roman" theme, we offer pieces of traditional arts and elegant guest rooms that welcomes you to the historical atmosphere of “Kanazawa”.


We offer a wide variety of premium quality dishes with seasonal Japanese ingredients in our hotel. Under the specialty of the past traditional Kaga culinary, we feed your pallete of traditions and relaxation.

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