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We offer premium quality meals with seasonal Japanese
ingredients using regional Savory Kaga-Vegetables
in an atmosphere of traditions.


The restaurant gives expression of West Japan in an elegant and historical atmosphere.
Enjoy the seasonal flavor of the regional Kaga-Vegetables,
fresh sea food dishes and fresh meat dishes created by our executive chef.

Operating Hours
AM12:00 - PM2:00(Last Orders)
PM5:30 - PM9:30 (Last Orders PM8:30)

Table Seating 44 seats
Private Tatami Rooms 20 seats

Local cuisines and Kaga Kaiseki courses are using fresh ingredients - taste of the four seasons of Kanazawa combining specially selected ingredients and traditional culinary techniques.
Relish the bounties of the season to your heart' content while gazing out over a beautiful Japanese garden.
In addition to table seating, Mahoroba also has Private tatami rooms for your comfort and relaxation.

Master Chef, Japanese Katsumi Kamigishi


Lunch AM12:00 - PM2:00(Last Orders)
Mahoroba Lunch from 2,000 yen (*Weekday)
Dinner PM5:30 - PM9:30 (Last Orders PM8:30)
Kaga Kaiseki Course from 7,000 yen

* We offer a variety of Japanese cuisines and Japanese sake to match the season.

Lunch "Hakuchoro Set" 3,800 yen

Tea Lounge Partie

The four seasons of the Kaga area, reflected in stained glass.
Relax yourself in nostalgic daydreams, as time seems to slow down.

Operating Hours
AM 8:00 - PM7:00(Last Orders PM6:30)

Table Seating 30 seats

Toward the back of the stately lobby, you will find our simple, yet elegant, red-carpet tea lounge. Soothe all of your senses as you look at the beautiful, sunlit stained glass windows, listen to classical music, and enjoy the rich coffee aromas. One of the most special locations in our hotel.
Our staff, dressed in maid uniforms reminiscent of Japan’s romantic Taisho Period, offer heart-felt and gracious service.


Beverages Gold Leaf Blend Coffee from 600 yen
The most popular choice at Partie. Delicious dark coffee with gold leaf sprinkled over to taste.
Dessert Green Tea Set (served with Yoshihashi Japanese confections) from 850 yen
Light meal Toast Set from 800 yen
Arrival Date 
Length of Stay
Number of Guests
Number of Rooms