With a sophisticated and nostalgic ambience, the hotel offers unique blend of modern and traditional style of Kanazawa.
Our hotel aims to give guests a local authentic experience.


Connected to the Heart of the City

Just few steps away on foot you will reach the main historical attractions of Kanazawa.
The hotel is closely located to the Castle grounds which links to Kenrokuen Garden. Also, the Higashi Chaya District and the Omicho Market are reachable on foot as well. During your limited time of stay, take advantage of our location to fully enjoy Kanazawa.


A memorable stay

Our rooms capture the atmosphere and the culture of the Taisho period romanticism.
The classical details in the stained glass windows, interior and the works of historic items of Kanazawa are elegantly presented to immerse guests into the elegant ambience.


Experience our heartwarming hospitality

We are here to inform you on tourist attractions, offer advice on local dining experience, or direction to another destination.
Our team works hard to provide customized and discreet service that guests simply could not experience at any other places.


Relax in our hot natural water

Our in-house onsen is known for its skincare benefits and relaxing effect.
Because of its mineral-rich hot water, our onsen is often referred to as "Hot Spring of the Beauty".


Eat like a local

Experience the rich culinary culture of Kanazawa at our restaurants. Focusing mostly on the traditional tastes of Kanazawa, we offer kaiseki course meal with fresh seasonal ingredients.

titleTaisho period, nostalgic and beautiful culture

  • Leaf art with gold, silver, bronze and brass.

    Leaf art with gold, silver, bronze and brass

  • Kutani porcelain table lamp

    Authentic ceramic ware from Kaga province,
    Kutani porcelain table lamp

  • The stained glass windows

    Four different seasons of Kaga represented in the stained glass windows

  • Japanese dyeing technique for fabrics

    An artwork made of Kagayuzen cloth (Japanese dyeing technique for fabrics)

titleHow to enjoy Kanazawa


Kenrokuen Garden

Quick morning walk to Kenrokuen Garden:

Kenrokuen Garden is classified as one of Japan’s three most beautiful landscape gardens.
Only few minutes away on foot from our hotel, enjoy free admission before sunrise.

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Experience traditional Japanese breakfast:

Our hotel offers buffet-style breakfast including a wide selection of Western and Japanese traditional foods.
Try our homemade tofu in bamboo cups and one of our popular dishes, Nodoguro (Rosy seabass).

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Higashi Chaya district

Higashi Chaya district

Explore a historic entertainment district with teahouses. The earlier you get there, the less you will need to share with other visitors.

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the Omicho fish market

Fresh seafood at the Omicho fish market

Also known as “Kanazawa’s kitchen”, you will find some fish stores and restaurants where you can taste fresh local seafood.

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Craftwork with gold leaf

Authentic experience programs

Kanazawa is famous for its traditional arts and crafts, and offers various authentic experience programs to visitors.
Enjoy making your own craftwork with gold leaf, learning how to make Japanese confectioneries and renting Kimono for a complete traditional experience in Kanazawa.

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Visits to museums

Visits to museums:

A city of arts, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary is a must-see place in Kanazawa where it exhibits interesting artworks of contemporary artists from all over the world.

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Coffee break with Kutani-ware cup

Coffee break with Kutani-ware cup

Enjoy our coffee served with Kutani-ware coffee cup at the lobby after dinner.

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Kaga cuisine at Mahorob

Discover Kaga cuisine at Mahoroba

Served on colorful Kutani porcelains, Kaga kaiseki course menu is a must-try cuisine in Kanazawa.
Kaiseki is known for its fresh seasonal ingredients, sophisticated preparation and artistic presentation.
In our restaurant “Mahoroba”, the tastes of Kanazawa are elegantly and carefully decorated to provide guests a traditional Japanese dining experience.

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Enjoy Live piano performance

Enjoy Live piano performance

Join us for free live piano music in the lobby lounge to spend an elegant night.

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hot spring

Relieve your fatigue at our natural hot spring

Relax your body in our onsen after exploring the city. Take advantage of our coffee-colored hot water as a part of skincare and the opportunity to meditate.

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Light-up event at Kenrokuen Garden

Light-up event at Kenrokuen Garden

A limited time for each season, Kenrokuen Garden will be lighted up during the night time.
The garden will be free of charge during this event.

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Contact our concierge to assist you with all of your need for your visit in Kanazawa.
Throughout your stay at the hotel, our concierges provide a personal assistant service about the hotel and the local vicinity.

Original map of Kanazawa

Hotel original city map is recommended for all guests who would like to go thorugh Kanazawa city.
The map includes suggestion for places to go and useuful information for sightseeing.


Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel SanrakuKanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel SanrakuKanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku